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Mike Snider's Formal Blog at the Sonnetarium

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I’m not married anymore, except in the strict legal sense; my internet access is spotty away from work and mostly blocked at work, but there are wifi networks I can use at the St. Mary’s College library and at one of my favorite local restaurants, Blue Wind Gourmet; I’m playing in a new band, Baker’s Boys; I’ve moved from the crappy apartment in Ridge to a shared house in Dameron (no DSL! no cable! arrgh!); I’ve got a girlfriend (yay!) (not the cause of not being married); I’ve worked a little on my long terza rima comic murder mystery but haven’t finished anything new; I’m itching to get back to writing as soon as my books are uncrated and my desk is set up in the room I’m building in the attic of that shared house; this blog is just over 4 years old; I’ll be blogging at least weekly from now on, and more frequently when I have real net access again or figure out how to use my 3G cell phone as a modem.

I’m feeling really good.

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