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Monday, May 15, 2006

has got to make a poem out of this.

I'm walking back from taking the garbage across the bar parking lot to the dumpster (my apartment used to be a motel room) and there's a guy talking on his cell with his arm around his girlfriend—the back of her shirt says "Frisky Kitty"—and he's saying to the phone "if she let's you touch her titties that's good but don't just mash them" and another guy standing there with them says "Is he a virgin?" and as I'm closing my door Frisky Kitty is offering her advice on making out. Jeebus.

It really is time to put out the lights.

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Well, I don't believe in spooks, but the last time I wrote one of these it appeared in my master's thesis, more than 20 years ago:

Spring storm passing west,
the sun breaking late and low—
all the east breathes fire!

In other news, today on my new Rans Tailwind (not the bike that banged my leg) I survived my first bicycle commute in about a year—50 minutes each way for the 17 mile ride, which isn't bad for an old fart.

Today is also the last full day I'll have my NaPoWriMo poems on line, though I'll keep a link offering a pdf of the unreconstructed poems, just in case you're as obsessive as I sometimes am. Two of those poems, btw, will soon be published (one of them twice!) in chaps and a magazine. I've got the URL for two the three venues: Rhymes for Adults and Matrix.

And even though my legs are still in that riding rhythm, I think sleep comes before more metrical mania tonight. But take a look at Laurel Heidy's excellent reply to my last post, and tell me what you're thinking.

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