National Poetry Month is also NaPoWriMo, not quite as crazy as NaNoWriMo, but sufficiently so: a poem a day for thirty days. In 2006 I participated in the minor madness at PFFA, and you can get a pdf of the original versions of the 36 poems in 30 different forms. All you have to do is ask.

I gave 2007 a pass, and in 2008 I wrote a set of poems, Jack Songs, collectively telling a story of betrayal and revenge in the voices of the story's characters (here's a pdf). This year there's been too much rain in weekends and we're way behind in the gardenand I'll have to wake up crazy on April Fool's Day. But that's the kind of day it is, eh?.

( Ummm … I woke up crazy. Podcasts at Listen Up!; texts at the April 2009 archive the formal blog. But I won't make 30 this year; I'll be lucky to get 10.)