It’s a sonnetarium, right? So, once a week, I used to write a brand new sonnet, often based on suggestions from readers, and post it on the site. But I’ve been busier with music than I’ve been in years, I’m actually working at work, and, though I still make sonnets, I’m very interested in expanding my formal repertoire and at loosening my meters. So—

I’ve officialy shut down the Weekly Sonnets—like it was so reliably there, huh?—and I’m going to use this page to give occasional samples of the kinds of things I’m working on and maybe even some actual Occasional Poetry.

This sonnet was written from suggestions I solicited on Facebook. Thanks to Lyn Stachyra, Tad Richards, and Lea Cox for their suggestions.

Some Reasons Why

Two shots, a beer, six packs of post-it notes,
And I was set to set our lives to rights—
Blue notes, my faults, and red, my stupid fights
With her, and green for notes for anecdotes
To make her laugh, and white for thoughtful quotes
From poets so she’d know I’d scaled the heights
Of culture, and bright pink for those delights
We&rsquod teach each other while we made like goats—
I somehow didn’t see her leave her booth
When all at once her unfamiliar voice—
“Looks complicated, what you’re working on.
What’s it all about?” She didn’t want the truth,
I told myself, and I gave her no choice.
I never asked her name, and she was gone.

Send me suggestions for the next occasion, or send your own occasional verse! I might not print it; I don’t pay; I make no promises about how long it will stay here if I do print it; you keep all the rights, but remember that some periodicals will consider it previous publication. With your permission, I’ll give you credit for any idea; I’ll certainly credit any poem of yours to you.

Oh, and if you came here looking for a now-vanished poem, drop me a line with what you remember about it (title, first line, theme, subject …) and I’ll try to dig it up and send you a copy.