Higgledy Piggledy
Microsoft’s Chairman Bill
Cut off the air he knew
Netscape would need.

Freedom to Innovate!
Only for Microsoft.
Jackson decreed.

Jiggery pokery
Elian’s relatives
Try to make hay from a
Little boy’s plight.

Castro’s no better, nor
Congress, nor anyone
Joining the fight.

Higamous hogamous
Thomas Stearns Eliot
once ate at dinner a-
nonymous cheese.

Kenner explained that this
meant the great poet was
hiding to please.

Century Schmentury
Denys The Small made an
error (of many) which
causes debate.

Sans the year Zero the
21st Century
comes one year late.

Bippity boppety
young Willie Yeats and his
friends tried to conjure the
soul of a plant.

Madame Blavatsky cried
“William, you’re exiled since
Well, you just can’t.”

Higgledy Piggledy
Douglas R. Hofstadter,
Gödel’s explainer, is
Translating verse.

Pushkin’s Onegin’s his
Latest adventure—he’s
Under a curse.